In the end we created an object that seems foreign in its surroundings and for which you could not determine its origin. We created an object that intrigues you but confuses you as well and breaks the known surroundings for a brief moment.

A few key moments to illustrate this are shown at the end of this blog entry.

Here you can see our finished object:

We brainstormed and collected several different ideas and we wanted it to have an organic quality. The inspiration for the form ended up being an organic nest. Some of the advantages of this form include it being an object which could be placed on a wall or on the ceiling…

What fascinated us about the topic of artefacts was that many objects placed in everyday life could function as a disturber.

We thought about how we could produce this effect. One of the first things that sprung to mind were which locations would prevent someone from simply passing by and…

We bought a few objects from a thrift store, which we thought could be perceived as mysterious or invoke curiosity. In the first row of pictures you can see the inside of a thermos flask, which is not something people would usually see without the outside layer. The uncertainty of what the object may be and why it is in this location adds to the curiosity and thoughtfulness, which we’d like to invoke.

This excersise was about photographing the urban space as if it were part of an exhibition. For our topic, we were interested what artifacts we could find in our neighborhoods. After discussing and setting the goals, each of us set off to take pictures and gain inspiriation.

During this exercise, each student sent out a recipe, which was supposed to represent our values. Later we received a recipe from another student and the task was to hack it in a way that it suited our own values.



Nicola: Chosen recipe: Guacamole
(My reasoning for my recipe…

We were given an hour to complete the task of creating a space tailored specifically for our body.

Nicola: The total hight of the box is more or less equal to my hight (about 1 cm taller) On the box there is a shelf, which I can reach perfectly and this shelf is positioned directly over my head. When I would be sitting down for a zoom call the “ceiling” is just tall enough for me to fit in perfectly without needing to bend or adjust myself.

Jana, Liam, Nicola

Hacking values 2020 documentation

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