What fascinated us about the topic of artefacts was that many objects placed in everyday life could function as a disturber.

We thought about how we could produce this effect. One of the first things that sprung to mind were which locations would prevent someone from simply passing by and ignoring the object and which locations were more favourable. After thinking about these questions we decided that the lift would be an ideal place to put our object. The observer would be near it for a long enough time, to ponder about it and there would be enough proximity between the observer and our object for it not to go unnoticed.

When the observer is close enough, our object should emit a sound, drawing attention to itself. The sound functions as a reaction to the action of the observer, who gets closer. Our object should be in constant connection with its surroundings and observers.

The other thought which we had was that we wanted to recreate this alien feeling. Both the sound and the exterior of our object is unfamiliar yet familiar, unexpected yet expected, frightening yet comforting, and should create a tension. A tension that would want the observer to know more, to see more, to understand more.

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